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Foam Guide

Foams do not need to be confusing!

Here are some basics you need to know...

#1. The Crawler Innovations Double Deuce, Lil Nova and Deuce’s Wild Foam Systems are based on the weight and intended use of the your RC Vehicle, not the overall height of the tire.

#2. The closed cell foam is water proof, and air tight. The tire must be vented to allow the foam and the tire to properly conform to the rock surface. No air movement = No tire conformity

#3. Crawler Innovations always recommends stepping up one outer density for the rear foam pair of your RC Vehicle. The reason being is that the weight of the RC vehicle transfers to the rear tires on a climb.

#4. There is no one magical foam that does it all. If you want maximum rock crawling traction, you need a Dual Stage foam. If you want maximum speed with no tire enlargement, you need a Deuce's Wild Single Stage. Crawler Innovations offers a number of tuning aids that will allow you to finely tune your foams, once you've reached that level of understanding. Not everyone wants to be a Pro RC driver, some are happy weekend warriors.

#5. Wheel Weights: Crawler Innovations highly recommends knuckle weights. Do your best to keep rotating weight off your RC vehicle drive train. Your RC vehicle will last longer, perform better, and you can use the saved money from non broken drive train parts for other upgrades.

However, if you do use stick on lead weight around your RC rim, all of the Crawler Innovations Closed Cell Inner Foams will need to be modified to clear your wheel weights without stretching the inner. When you stretch the inner, it increases the Outside Diameter and the foam does not perform as designed. A Dremel with a sanding drum makes quick work of modifying the foam.

#6. Narrow Wheels with Standard Foams. If you have a Dremel with a sanding drum, sand the Closed Cell inner foam at a 45 degree angle so that it matches the width of your clamp ring. All of the VP bead locks are .750" width clamp rings, 1" overall. C.I. sells narrow inner foams, but unless your tire is narrowed, it's not properly filling the tire.

#7. Dual Stage Foams and Water: It's a non-issue, even with the tires vented. The closed cell foam PUSHES water away. So even though water might be coming through a 2mm vent hole, only the outer will retain water, but the outer is being flattened as it is being rolled on, thereby, only a minimal amount of water is even allowed in the tire. At the end of your day of fun, simply hand squeeze out as much water as possible from your tires, then run the RC Vehicle at wide open throttle with the vehicle in a elevated position and the centrifugal force will pull most of the remaining water out through the vent holes. Store your RC vehicle in an elevated position to avoid flat spots in the tires and foams.

Outer Densities: White foam / No markings = Soft  Orange dot = Medium  Black dot = Firm


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